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In-Tank Meridian Water Closet is a revolutionary product that, by integrating the cistern and flush system in the WC for the very first time, marks the beginning of a new era in bathroom spaces.

As part of the extensive Meridian bathroom Collection, In-Tank Meridian WCs do not require the installation of either cistern or flush plate to be fully operational. Its Soft Air® technology ensures an optimal, silent flush: it consists of an air pump that pushes the water from the tank to provide the dual 4.5/3 litre flush.

Additionally, In-Tank Meridian's compact and rounded lines, along with the elimination of the concealed tank and the flush plate, makes installation easier and avoids the visual impact of an external cistern.

Beautifully blending simplicity, elegance and ease of installation into a single product, the In-Tank sets new trends in the classic concept of the WC.

Cistern + Push-Plate + WC = In-Tank Meridian

In-Tank sets new trends in the classic concept of the WC