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As a leader in the bathroom space, Roca shoulders great responsibility; a fact manifested in the brand’s product ranges and production processes with high emphasis on sustainability, a key Roca value.

We Are Water Foundation, Roca’s initiative towards water conservation was launched on September 28, 2010 across 20 countries. With objectives to create awareness amongst people regarding responsible water usage and to drive action by working on varying projects, the foundation aims to eradicate the world‘s water crisis.

Since the United Nations’ declaration of March 22, as World Water Day in 1993, the entire world has celebrated this day as a reminder of the importance of water as a highly valuable resource to mankind. The foundation added to the celebrations with an engagement themed "With your help, fair distribution of water is possible". The engagement took place in squares in the centers of cities where large panels of the world map were installed alongside a We Are Water Foundation display. On this map, there were ‘gaps’ in the areas of the world suffering from water shortages. Passers-by were advised to contribute and cooperate to the water problem by pasting a water drop sticker and donating some amount for a bottle of water. The donations collected went towards the Foundation’s cooperation projects. As soon as the water was bought, the ‘gap’ was filled with water, and this conveyed the thought that with everyone’s help, we can help redistribute water to all the areas suffering from a shortage.

In India, this activity was successfully carried out in Gurgaon and Mumbai in DLF Cyber Hub and Infinity Mall respectively. It led to raised awareness about the water problem that exists in the most deprived regions of the world and helped raise funds for the Foundation’s projects. Akin to this initiative, Roca has undertaken many other such projects under the aegis of the We Are Water Foundation, all of which help addressing the water problem around the world.

World Water Day Initiative 2014

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