About Parryware

Established in 1952, Parryware emerged as a premier Sanitaryware & Faucet brand under the EID Parry group. In 1980, Parryware was taken over by the Murugappa Group, propelling it into a rapidly growing player in the bathroom industry. By 1990, Parryware had evolved beyond its origins, transforming into a brand synonymous with crafting the latest and most stylish bathrooms.


The year 2006 marked a pivotal moment as Parryware joined forces with the Roca Group, solidifying its position in the industry. EID Parry became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Roca Group in 2010, emphasizing the brand's commitment to excellence. In 2017, Parryware underwent rejuvenation, repositioning itself as the 'Always in Fashion' brand. This transformation promised customers aesthetically pleasing products featuring trendy shapes, vibrant colors, and contemporary designs.


Today, Parryware stands as the trendsetter in the industry, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology and comprehensive bathroom solutions for over seven decades. Parryware offers a complete range of bathroom solutions, including high-performance faucets, sanitaryware, shower enclosures, vanities, water heaters, wellness products, as well as pipes and fittings.