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We are committed to offering a wide range of end-to-end, high-standard and long-lasting piping systems that are easy to use, quick to install and safe to use.

Our Journey

Your reliable partner for all kinds of piping requirements

December 2018

Parryware Launches
Pipes and Fittings

June 2019

Launches in

January 2020

Parryware Launches
UPVC to its portfolio

October 2021

Parryware Launches
Pipes in Bihar

February 2019

Forayed into the
Andaman Market

October 2019

Rebranded with new
Look and Logo.
Pakcking Redone

May 2021

Parryware Launched
SWR portfolio

Our Assurance

We ensure stringent quality assessment for delivering high-standard products.

Hydrostatic Test

Thermocyclic Test

Ball Valve Reducing Test

Universal Tensile Test

Opacity Test

Density Test

Impact Test

Reversion Oil Bath Test

VICAT Softening Point Test

Our Excellence

We strive to offer best-in-class products that meet the industry-standards.